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Our Services

Our Services

Most Effective And Efficient Use Analysis

As it can be understood from the definition, the most effective and efficient use analysis is not an action, but an economic and legal review.

Real Estate Valuation

According to the type and content of the request from licensed and competent human resources, our company...

Consultancy for Real Estate Development Projects

In our country, where the population growth rate is high, the area of land that can be built on is shrinking day by day...

Legal and Financial Consultancy on Real Estate

Ekol Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy Inc. experience, expertise and partners of partners and employees of .

Real Estate Legislation Consultancy

Real estate legislation is related to a large number of legislation. Ekol Real Estate Valuation and Consultancy...

Ship Valuation

Our country is located in a geography surrounded by seas on three sides and with a deep-rooted maritime history. The number of ships/boats registered in the mooring log is approx.

Base Value Analysis for Auctions and Auctions

Being able to accurately determine the cost and construction period of the real estate projects to be undertaken...

Reconstruction Peace Consultancy

Reconstruction Peace: Within the scope of preparation for disaster risks, it is possible to register unlicensed structures or structures that are in violation of the license and its annexes.

Urban transformation

Communiqué Serial VIII, No: 35, based on the Capital Markets Law No. 6362; Real Estate Valuation in the Framework of Capital Markets...

Rental Fee Determination

Our experts are able to identify requested properties based on market knowledge, research capabilities and data sources.

Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Our company; Valuation of machinery and equipment, which are an integral part of real estate, ...

The market research

The users of the real estate are defined, the demand factors are determined, the current supply and demand stock...

Project Management Consultancy

In the projects that have been started, economic, financial, legal, building materials, construction technique etc.

Goodwill Study

The concept of goodwill is used in different meanings in various professions. This concept; In accounting science...

Valuation of Company Assets

In our country, with an additional article added to the Capital Markets Law No. 2449 with the Law No. 4487, Turkey...

Feasibility Analysis of Investment Projects

In investments that are prepared, in preparation, designed or just the thought of investing...