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Professional Staff Expert Team

We are a big family with more than 140 staff and approximately 120 Independent Valuers. We are an expert team with our competent staff from many professions (Civil, Mapping, Machinery, Agriculture, Forestry, Geology, Geophysics, and Mining Engineers, Architects, Economists and Urban Planners).

Company profile

Our company was established in December 2004 under the name of “Ekol” in Istanbul, with the claim of being a “School” in its sector, with the gathering of six valuation experts, and was established on 18.03.2005 by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) with the “Real Estate Valuation within the Framework of Capital Market Legislation”. It was included in the list of “Companies to Provide Valuation Services” and on the list of “Institutions to Provide Valuation Services to Banks” by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) on 24.06.2010.

Subject of Activity

Subject of Activity: Within the framework of the current legislation, the probable values of real estates, real estate projects and rights and benefits based on real estate belonging to all kinds of official and private, real and legal persons and organizations at a certain date, independently and impartially, the nature of the real estate that affects this value, the market and To evaluate the environmental conditions within the framework of internationally accepted valuation standards, to evaluate the machinery and equipment, which are an integral part of the real estate, by making an on-site determination of the ships in cases where they are exceptionally considered immovable, to provide legal, financial and scientific consultancy on real estate and rights related to real estate. .

Our vision

Opening new horizons in the sector by expanding our areas of expertise in the services we provide, reinforcing and perpetuating our claim to be a vocational school and leadership in the sector.

Our Mission

To provide the services needed in the field of real estate quickly and reliably with its large and expert staff, without compromising our scientific, independence and impartiality.

Our Services

Real Estate Valuation

According to the type and content of requests from licensed and competent human resources, our company...

Reconstruction Peace Consultancy

Reconstruction Peace: Within the scope of preparation for disaster risks, the registration of unlicensed structures or structures that are in violation of the license and its annexes...

Project Management Consultancy

In the projects that have been started, economic, financial, legal, building materials, construction technique and so on. on matters...

The market research

The users of the real estate are defined, the demand factors are determined, the current supply and demand stock...

Urban transformation

Communiqué Serial VIII, No: 35, based on the Capital Markets Law No. 6362; Within the Framework of Capital Markets...

Rental Fee Determination

Our experts are able to identify requested properties based on market knowledge, research capabilities and data sources.

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